New Hope Danes?

In the early going, when I was still married to my ex-husband, we raised and shown the clown of all dogs; Bull Terriers. They of course are comical, stout little guys, but my eye still drifted towards the Mastiffs. There was just something with the large breeds I found irresistible. I mean after all, I loved big dogs and raised horses so I thought “what the heck get a Great Dane”! Little did I know how much my life would change when I got my first Dane in 2005!

It honestly was not what I expected. I was a mess after my divorce and needed “New Hope”. Suddenly, it was like I found a whole new section of heart and soul in the “Warm & Fuzzy Department” and it took no time to be consumed by the breed. I started off just wanting a single litter of pups. Boy did that ever start the snowball rolling!

Since, I have found Danes to be so incredible. Yes, all creatures have different personalities, but as a whole Great Danes are very sensitive, empathetic and knowing. Oh, did I mention they were also loyal and loving! I think they are a dog for just about everyone and every life style. If you ever thought about owning a Dane, I encourage you to have at least one in your life time. However, a word of caution; they are as addicting as potato chips!

Size, color, natural ears or cropped; it’s the Dane on the inside that matters. That’s why my main focus is breeding for temperament, soundness and all around happy dog that wants to be your best friend!

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