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Welcome to New Hope Danes!

Thanks for checking out New Hope Danes! Since you’re here you must be considering purchasing a Great Dane. Chances are you’re familiar with these enormous cuddle bugs or at least have read up on Danes and know or seen that for a big breed dog they are very elegant, dignified creatures with beautiful, smooth muscled bodies. Something you may not know is how loyal, loving and sometimes a little troublesome, but not bad considering they are the giants of the working class breed. In fact they are often referred to as; “The world’s largest lap dog” because they don’t seem to recognize their large size and often try to sit on their owners lap! In my experience (spanning over ten years) Great Dane’s are as close to perfect as a dog can get!

Most of the dogs here at New Hope Danes are sold as puppies with “natural” ears and the choice of cropping versus floppy is left to each individual.  As a rule, Danes get along great with other dogs and non-canine pets and have a very low prey drive.  In the case of my puppies it is even less as they are home raised (not kennel raised) and handled on a daily basis.  Although Great Danes come in colors such as black, fawn, brindle, harlequin, mantle and merle, I do not breed for a specific color.  My focus or main goal has always been to raise sound healthy dogs with well balanced conformation and great temperaments that make the perfect companion’s for you and your family.

Technically I am a breeder, but dogs from New Hope Danes are pets first and foremost!  I will only let them go to an approved knowledgeable, loving home.  If you are new to the breed I’m always willing to work with and educate willing participants that want to learn about these gentle giants.

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